Settling back into things

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are starting to get back into a schedule, back into how a "family" works. It's weird because for so long it was just me taking care of everything on the home front that now I can actually relax is a weird feeling. The hubby has even let me sleep in a few days and that, I think, is one of the weirdest things lol. He has helped making dinner, getting the kiddos ready for bed ( That's super awesome) because I can sit on my bum and relax while my "job" is done for me.
But it's weird also, I've been in a sort of funk. I think it's hard for me to totally relax, I feel like we should been packing him up. Getting ready for him to go again, and I just can't let my guard down. I have heard from lots of women that their husbands coming back and trying to settle into a family again is really hard, but I wasn't sure of how it would be for us.
When my husband came home from Korea, that was a hard time for us to get settled back into us again too, I know we can do it, it's just that I really wanted it to be back to normal right away.
So, how does it go for you guys? Do you think it's hard to settle back into things, mostly because of being independent for so long or? Tell me what you think!


  1. I wish you were settling back into things closer to me! i miss you guys soo soo much! Hey you should email me your new address so we can get the boys on a pen pal schedule!



  2. Hope you guys can settle quickly. It's never easy trying to let go of all the control you have had when they come home. We've only been apart these past 7 months due to training and upon moving here after that we had the hardest time adjusting to living together. It will come with time.

  3. I am glad the transition has been going well so far. Its got to be awesome to have the help! :)

    And to have him back ;)


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