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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life has been happening just like normal around here. Except now there are BOXES everywhere and a small bit of Christmas is put up, just enough for the kiddos to feel like it's magical.  I wanted to do less this year anyways, but with news of the job and moving on my brain it helped me to only put out things I love.
 I'm excited for the kids to be on break, to bake and to just relax and soak in these sweet little moments with them. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then we are SO close to Christmas. It's kinda freaking me out how fast it has come. Only TEN days!
I've been really trying to not let anything stress me out and let the kiddos really enjoy every bit of this season. My oldest, is starting to really question his belief in Santa and y'all that has been the hardest part of this season. My heart feels so sad that it's happening already. I think Santa is such a fun part of Christmas, even though we are believers and are trying to teach our babes about the birth of Jesus, it's still fun to have him around!
I've also taken a little break from social media- my blog mostly. Y'all these little people in my life are growing and I just can't miss a second!

Also, I have to share our sweet Christmas pj's tradition! The kids dis not want to cooperate but it is still so much fun. I'm hoping Alijah will hang on a few more years!! Fingers crossed! lol :)

Alijah (9) Aubree (6) Tevin (4) Benjamin (2)

Be still my heart! Christmas 2013!

What are y'all up to lately!?

November Recap and a look into the FUTURE!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November went by in a flash. I can't believe it's over and it makes me a little sad how time flew right on by. November was kinda wild and we had a lot going on as a family.

I turned 29.
My baby turned TWO!
My husband had an amazing job interview come up.
We celebrated a small thanksgiving. 
Also, my hubby went out of town a total of 3 times and I had strep throat twice.

Eventful as always. I am really happy to say that the job interview went fantastically, and pending a few more things it looks like we will end up taking this job and moving. I'm excited for the new start. And also I feel like God has totally had His hand in all the details of this job search. We have had several opportunities pop up, and none of them worked out in timing/pay or whatever and this one really seems to be where we are led. The most exciting part of all of this, is that for the first time in 8 years I will live in the same town as my mama and daddy. Sunday dinners? Yes, please! So if you feel moved, please continue to pray for the final pieces to fall into place.

how sweet is this snowman I painted?! I love how he turned out.
Life size Lincoln Logs. He is a little excited! lol

He CLIMBED onto the counter to sneak candy y'all. So cute and so naughty. :)

December is a month I really like to move slowly. I want to soak in the goodness December brings. I am almost finished with all of my shopping and that makes my heart SO stinkin' happy. I don't really have a lot I want to get accomplished but just a few things I want to focus on.

~ advent calendar, and scripture readings. Obviously my kiddos are little, we worked on this last year and it didn't always get finished, but I'm going to keep trying. We use Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.
~light Christmas decorating, It gets to be WAY too much If i overdo it with decor. I'm keeping it really simple this year.
~working out. I need to work out everyday, even if its just 30 minutes. ya know... Christmas cookies!
~Baking. My kids love this part of Christmas so I want to commit to making their special cookie or treat.

Hooray for December!

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