Four ♥

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four years ago today, at approximately this time, I was marrying my very best friend.
Four years seems like so very long, but when I think about it, time has flown right past me.
We have been through so much together.
So much in just 4 short years.
A move to Ft. Hood,
A birth to a very sweet little princess,
A deployment,
A very long year apart,
A birth of a very sweet little man,
Big A going to KINDERGARTEN,
and then a great loss of a very sweet baby being given back to Jesus.
I can't help but feel overwhelmingly BLESSED.
How good God is to provide, not necessarily what you want
but exactly what you need.
He teaches me even when I am not very gracious about learning.
He gave me the perfect life I needed,
with the man I needed to have it with. ♥

Hubby and I during our first dance as husband and wife :)
and these are some recent ones we just had taken :)

moving on

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I sometimes think I actually like to make myself crazy with stress.
Ever since hubby decided to get out of the Army,
I have kinda been at a loss as to how life would be?
I know it sounds strange, but for the past 6 years I have been,
either engaged or married to the military.
My whole life has revolved around this incredible man and the army.
I feel like I'm losing a huge part of me.
I've been overwhelmed at the thought of having to pick a place to live.
I know we can always move but it feels pretty permanent.
Picking the place our "new" lives will start minus the military.
Having his family tell us why New Mexico is better, and mine tell us Texas is best.
It feels overwhelming to say the least.
I am super excited that there will never be anymore deployments, no cq,
no more duty days :)
I am also sad, sad that my children won't grow up on army posts, hearing the bugle every night.
It's such a mix of emotions!
I have to often make myself remember that it will all work out,
and thank God I am not the one in control.

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