date night

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So you all know my husband has been on block leave the ENTIRE month of June and we have yet to go on a single date..
We ate first were going to see Sex and the City 2,
but of course I had to cancel that because we had a baby get sick :(
Then I decided to leave the date planning up to him because every time I asked he made it seem like he didn't really want to go ( or I am just being super-sensitive, why? I'll fill you in later)
So I dropped a BAJILLION (yes a bajillion-- its real :) hints about:
Did I get to go? NOPE because my hubby forgot to purchase tickets ahead of time so they were all sold out..

SO what's up with this? I feel like I'm being a huge baby, but I really want to be taken out on a date. Asked out on a date.. Have a date planned for me!
Is this just too much to ask or what?

When Is the last time you went on a real date?

p.s. Walking around the px with no kids.. IS NOT A DATE!

officially hillbillies!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday

This is on our way home from our super short trip to my parents.
He was beyond excited to have his aunties coming along!
Everyone being cheesers about the car being up top. LOL
I think the Beverly hillbillies song should be playing right about now!
Little A was so excite to have someone to sit by her!

Prayer Warriors

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We've got lots of things happening around the O household.
We are needing prayer this week,
We are going to have to be making some adjustments to the family.
We will hopefully be making some new living arrangements in a few months,
We are just all around in a HUGE transition.
We are really really praying for my hubby to get this new job quickly and be moved to where we are needing.
So if you would say a quick prayer for us about it, I would super appreciate it.

I'll give more updates about all the changes heading this way!


Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm trying to decide about putting Big A in school.
He just turned 4 in April but it seems like mom's are putting their children in school earlier and earlier.
I have looked into Mom's day out... the cheapest price I have found is 190.00 for 2 days a week! uh nutso!
Or i could put him in public school half-days all week,
of full day all week.
I feel like this is just too much,
I want him to enjoy being a little kid and not grow to hate school because he has been in it his entire life.
I decided to stay home to have my kids home with me,
but I really don't know about homeschooling.
UGH what a hard decision about school for my 4 yr. old!
I know some mommies read my blog... what do you all think?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's been a crrraaazzzyyy week or so.
VBS was last week and it went super awesome, Big A loved it!
We went out of town to visit my parents,
the hubby got sick,
and we ended up bringing back 2 of my little sisters back.
It's really nice having them here.
We are hitting up a baseball game tonight and
hopefully the water park on friday.
We are really enjoying the hubby being on block leave :)
In just a couple of weeks it's back to reality,
I'm so not ready.
But i'm soaking up every single awesome second.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Normally I am a VERY modest person, but after a ton of thought I decided to post about this: waxing or no waxing of your "you know" hoo.
I have been thinking of doing this for a while and when I said something to my mom about it she freaked, she couldn't believe I would let anyone besides my hubby or a doctor down there. LOL
So here's what I'm wondering:
Have you?
Is it horribly painful?
How long does it last?
Is it totally worth it?
I don't want to do it, if its not really worth it. HAHA
So don't be embarrassed!
Let me know?

Mamarazzi Monday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday

I'm joining in the fun from Household 6 Diva! These are my sweet boy, who is right at the moment despising bedtime, but on this night thankfully his giraffe put him right to sleep!
Look how stinking sweet it is that he LOVES that pillow of daddy's :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

I didn't share these once he got home,
but I wanted to make sure I showed how amazing this very moment was.
My heart and family was complete again.

Fashionista to "mom"onista

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

With the pregnancy of my son I gained a total of *gasp* 80 pounds..
Along with those 80 pounds came stretch marks, and huge hips
and a precious baby boy who changed my life for the better.
It took me until my son was 2 to lose all my extra love :)
Then just a few short months later I discovered I was pregnant with baby number 2.
with that sweet baby girl, I ate pizza as much as possible....
(to be exact it was Little Caesar's Hot -N- Ready's)
yet gained only 20 pounds, thank you God.
And I lost touch, Touch with that inner fashionista,
I used to know all the cute and hip things to wear.
The high heels and perfume and lip gloss.
I ask myself and sometimes I pout about where that girl went!
My shoes now mostly consist of sandals and running shoes, the occasional flip flop thrown in.
I can no longer fit in juniors clothes and the misses section, while fitting more properly makes me wince.
because my idea of fashion is not a embroidered flowered, button-up shirt.
So what's a girl (or should I say the youngest and hippest mom around) to do?
I long to be one of those hip mom's,
with great jeans and awesome makeup.
The one who totally looks smokin' hot while running into Wal-mart for diapers and wipeys, all while carrying the adorable baby on my hip.
So, I'm doing it. I have walked and swam laps every single day for about ten days,
yes 10 days isn't that much, but come July I am going on a shopping spree:
The inner fashionista is going to be let loose.
oh and please go check out my girl Brittney's give-away, tell her I sent you, because as I stated above:
I need some help with the revamp of the "new" more fashionable mommy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Chocolate donuts are the BEST!

Ugh Mom! I'll fake smile to make you happy lol

Yumm Yumm!

HouseHold 6 Diva Hosts Mamarazzi Monday, and I wanted to join in the fun! These are my sweet babies enjoying donuts on Sunday morning. (Ignore the horrible picture quality, it was my cell phone camera)

Mamarazzi Monday

Summer time!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am happy to say I have my dining room chairs painted ( it only took an entire deployment for them sitting) and my kiddos are proud new owners of a handmade sandbox and my garden is officially started! My husband was so awesome to have worked practically all of his memorial day weekend for stuff I really wanted. He is so very sweet.
It's June! I can't believe how fast summer came, and I'm waiting anxiously for 4th of July (its my fave). This is a crazy month ! My hubby has block leave. Big A is starting swim lessons and for his very first time he is going to go to VBS :) I'm really excited about it. I have a lot of memories from vacation bible school when I was little. Little A will just be hanging out, along for the ride and continuing to wrap her daddy around her sweet little finger. She is hilarious.
She has started to learn the art of batting eyelashes and saying "eeeee" for please and Daddy melts and totally gives in. I guess it's to be expected little girl's just have a way with Daddies :)

I'm STILL working on the office and the playroom. Apparently my kiddos have way too many toys, so I am starting to sort through and do some donation boxes. I can only do that at nap/rest time or Big A will have a heart attack :) So hopefully I can get it finished soon because it is driving me nuts.
The office though is my hubby's domain :) I did find a steal on good ole' craigslist for an awesome cherry wood desk and the lady seriously gave it to me for twenty bucks! She said she just wanted to get rid of it but every time I go into the office I feel a little guilty for having such a cool desk for 20 bucks :)

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