On turning 2

Saturday, November 21, 2015

On Thursday, my sweet Benjamin Aaron turned two. Seriously I don't even know how that happened. Two years came and went in the blink of an eye. The older I get the faster time seems to go.
I can remember the day he was born SO clearly.
He was two weeks late and when I got to the hospital and was begging for an epidural in triage, they quickly told me I was already 9/10 cm and wouldn't be getting that epidural. (This was my second all natural birth, I'm not sure why I was flipping out for that epidural.) I walked NAKED to the delivery room. Seriously I was wearing only a sports bra and I refused to get into a delivery gown because they are itchy and uncomfortable and I wanted nothing to touch my body. My sweet husband just held up a sheet and followed behind me. That poor, sweet man who had to follow behind looking at that huge pregnant butt. lol Luckily, I was the ONLY delivery at the hospital that night, every nurse on the floor was in my room. I felt completely at ease knowing he was coming and honestly I was just so ready for this baby to be here!
We were surprised with his sex and when he came not even an hour later. my heart was completely full. His little personality was already so evident. Laid back- easy going, fat little 9 pounds 4 oz.
You can read more about my delivery here- if you feel inclined :)

What a joy it is to be his mama. Even though I never got to sleep until he was about 20 months old, it was so worth it. His Paw Patrol birthday bash will be on Sunday and I can't wait to see how he reacts to opening gifts and blowing out candles. sweet boy.
Until then I will bombard you with pics from his 2 years of life!

hours after birth! Brand new and a very tired mama.

Big TWO year old!

Quick update!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I have not disappeared. I got strep throat yet again and man my house has just been turned upside down with mama sick yet again. 
My birthday date was. The. Sweetest. Ever. I dropped the kids at grandma's and when I got home my house had been transformed! Candles, yummy dinner, wine, and after we finished a couple of bottles we snuggled up and watched a movie, I have to say it was one of my most favorite birthdays. 2 thumbs up to my husband ;) 
I am finally feeling a bit better, I pray it lasts. Especially since it looks like this winter is supposed to be really wet and yucky! I hope to be back in full swing next week. Any prayers for me to not get sick anymore would be SO appreciated! 

Thoughts on turning 29

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's true.  Today is my birthday, the big 29. Birthdays honestly make me a little sad and a lot happy. What a weird feeling that I'm another year old and time has been speeding by. I can remember my 18th birthday like it was yesterday and here I am, and y'all I am just so very thankful to be here.
So- here's a few things I think about when I get older. In no particular order.

1. face care- good lord bring on the anti-aging something something. I used rodan and fields in the past and even though it's pricey I'm gonna start that habit back up.

2. Gifts- I'm a very busy and usually very tired mama, I just want to take a hot bath and drink a glass of wine for my birthday. seriously and buy me some really good pj's. No fleece, my body will feel like it's going to catch on fire I get so hot.

3. A super sweet date with my husband- yep this was my "big" request. I told him to spend very little to zero money, so I'm excited to see what he came up with (the date is saturday so I will have to update you.)

4. I don't want to be in charge of anyone or anything for one day- I love being a mama and a wife but just one day I like to not have to do anything at all. This didn't happen, but I did snuggle with my babies and eat pizza. I call that a win for sure.

I'm really looking forward to 29. I pray it's the best year yet, 28 was a tough year for me and I like the idea of a new year!

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