Summer time!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

that is just gross...
So we enjoyed some ice cream :) this is baby t's very FIRST ice cream cone
silly woman with a chocolate stache

we ate at kfc ( I don't suggest eating there while eating gluten free.. serious pain my friends)
Baby t discovered the art of dipping french fries

these baby bunskies are just soooo sweet
A super sweet gift from my hubby, this is to represent our sweet baby in heaven ♥
and my big boy had his very first visit from the tooth fairy
i only cried a little

I feel like we still have soooo much to accomplish this summer.
I don't want big A going back to school before we get to do the cool things I have planned.
Next on my list is to play in the rain, I'm crossing my fingers to be able to do that this week because we are supposed to get some rain!
 wooooty woot!

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  1. hee hee loved this post. Cutest kids ever. Congrats on his first tooth.


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