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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I was seriously sad when my hubby decided to get out of the Army, we knew it was what was best for our family at then time, but I was still sad because overall the Army was good to our family.
 We have even been recently thinking about him getting back in and trying to push a warrant officer packet, but then I get worried.
It is weird because I really do love the Army but all of this about downgrading our Army, our resources, the health care benefits, even going as far as not allowing troops to train to deploy... 
Where do we live?
Is this the United States of America, with strong troops, significant resources and unbeatable military forces?
It's scary and most importantly its SAD. Sad that our army is losing good men, money, resources, and training time.
 What do you think?



  1. It is challenging. I know someone who had already purchased tickets for his family to travel home when he was headed off to a LONG school. They would have been PCSing right after. The night before he was supposed to leave, they canceled the school. Budget cuts. And his family is out thousands of dollars to travel home from Alaska. Things are changing.

  2. I know that a LOT is changing. We have been set a strict time limit if Mr Soldier wants to make Major because they basically want people to get out instead or kick them out which is a shame because like you said they are losing good men and women.


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