Getting things in order

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have been feeling like a crazy lady since our move to New Mexico
and seriously that was FOUR months ago.
I came to the realisation that I just needed to kick my buns into gear.
So I wrote out my plan of attack to get myself feeling a little more back to our
"new normal"
1. Early wake up time- this is SOOO important. I have to get my game face on, both figuratively and literally. I need to have quiet time with The Lord, workout, plan our day, shower, makeup and get breakfast started. I want my kids to wake up to a friendly, well-rested Mama :)
2. Early bedtime- I don't LOVE this step because I feel like I am finally relaxed once my kiddos are in bed and I can watch tv, read, take a long hot bath, etc. But my early wake up time is so crucial I am giving up this time.
3. Resting during the kids nap time- sounds silly that I need to rest but if I really want to stay on my game all day, I can rest during this time and you know what... I'm totally okay with that! To rest when you need it.. HUH what a concept :)
It's been a little over a week and I am seriously feeling like my old "new" self. So ready to get this house back in order.


  1. These are my goals too especially the early wake up before my kids :)

    1. it's SOO hard to wake up early though lol


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