Benjamin Aaron: part two

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My official due date was November 7, 2014 and I had been having contractions; painful ones at that for several weeks. My mind had honestly prepared for baby Osburn to make his/her appearance around 38 weeks.
 Boy was I wrong!
I had lost my mucous plug the previous week and I was just. so. ready. I was horribly uncomfortable and I wasn't getting sleep at all. I could swear the baby hadn't dropped because I could feel something in my ribs that would never move! I had tested positive for strep b and I was a hysterical nutcase. My midwife had told me not to labor at home at all and so any thought of baby coming I practically ran to the hospital! Finally I decide to just let myself relax.
Tim was off this day and we had run some errands early in the morning and I rested for a bit, took a bath and then went to pick up Alijah from school and grab some things from Wal-Mart. I had been feeling kinda crappy all day long. My stomach actually ached- like the outside of my stomach. It almost felt like a cramp in my skin is the best way to describe it. Tim cooked dinner and I went to bed literally after dinner so like 7:45. I was feeling so exhausted and I was worried that I was getting sick. Little did I know :)
Around 12:45 I woke up having to use the restroom so badly but I wasn't able to go at all. I decided to soak in the bathtub for a little bit because I felt like junk. My entire body ached. By 1:30 I was bugging Tim to get up because the contractions were coming hard and fast. 2 minutes apart and I knew this was it! Tim was taking his time and I kept telling him to call his mom to come over, he finally snapped and called her and I threw on clothes and walked downstairs to sit on my exercise ball. I really didn't want the labor to slow down, by 2 Tim's mom had made it to our house. I was so ready to get to the hospital.
The ride was excruciating. It takes less than ten minutes to get to the hospital and I waddled to the emergency room doors while Tim ran in to get a wheelchair. We had to make it up to floor two. We finally made it to triage and I told the nurse to get me an epidural immediately. Ha It makes me laugh remembering how intense I was about getting that epidural. The nurse wanted me to get undressed and change into a gown. There was no chance of that! I took of my pants and shirt and left my sports bra on long enough to crawl onto the bed to be checked. The nurse had said to relax and get comfortable because we may not be staying. She checked me and her face looked shocked. I was at a 9/10 already. I knew right then that epidural wasn't going to happen.
I literally walked with a sports bra and socks to my delivery room. Tim followed behind with a sheet trying to cover my butt. Poor daddy :) They started my iv of antibiotics for the strep b and since I was the only woman delivering that night, all of the nurses were in helping getting the room set up and starting my chart.
I labored for maybe 45 minutes standing up. I leaned over the bed and breathed through each contraction. Tim said I was the nicest woman in labor ever. I totally felt in control and my nurse was so good to let me feel comfortable and to labor however I felt was best. I finally had to lie down because the pain was so intense. I knew it would be any minute! The doctor on call had been paged a couple of times to come break my water. I had said it was time and my body was starting to push. The nurse had Tim grab the emergency pull just in case this baby was going to come without anyone in to help. My nurse asked to check me again and I told her no, I was laying there and I said the baby is coming! My water broke and the doctor walked in right as my water was breaking! The nurses put my legs up into stirrups and three pushes later a sweet baby boy made his way into the world! Tim cut the cord and put sweet baby boy onto my chest to cuddle.
 I was so very proud. The birth was the most amazing experience.
11-19-13 Benjamin Aaron Osburn.

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