A road trip and a new baby!

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's been a CRAZY week! 
Daddy-o came home early from training, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. Also my sister was due any day and on Wednesday night my older sister and I jumped in the car sans kiddos and went to see our brand new nephew! 
Landry Thomas born on September 1st and he is pretty much the sweetest. Seriously baby fever is a real thing no matter how many kiddos you have. I joked saying I was talking my baby fever down off the cliff ;)
Y'all babies are the best ever.
I'm in Texas until Saturday morning and then I head back to go to my TEN year high school reunion. What a weird feeling!  
I feel really old. It's crazy. 

 I hope it's a good weekend! Now I'm off to snuggle a sweet little boy <3


  1. Look at that baby! Awwww.
    Girl, stop. I had my 20th a few years back. 10 is nothing. Hahahaha! Pretty soon it will be like, wonder how many of us are still alive reunion.


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