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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I'm a BIG fan of comfort food. Especially when I can tell my kiddos or husband or even myself have had a bad/hard day.  Daddy-o has been really stressed with work lately and what better way to fill up a love tank than with some yummy food!
This soup is the easiest, yummiest potato soup you can make. seriously. And all 4 of my kiddos eat it up. It only has 3 ingredients and you just have to let it simmer- and it is SO good!

3 Ingredient Potato Soup

5 pound bag potatoes (I prefer russet)
1 block cream cheese
chicken broth

additional optional toppings
shredded cheese
sour cream
salt and pepper to taste

wash, peel and chop the entire 5 pound bag. Even if you have a smaller family this freezes really well for individual servings.

depending on the consistency you like, you will need 2 to 3 of these.
I use a little less than two because we like ours thick almost like a chowder. I especially like it when it has some remaining chunks of potatoes.

Let your cream cheese soften on the counter while your potatoes simmer- usually about an hour. Maybe even longer if you are really wanting thick soup.

Your soup will start like this. Simmer your potatoes, occasionally using a potato masher to mash the potatoes. Leave some chunks- trust me. you don't want it too smooth. It just tastes better this way.
After you have cooked your potatoes and you have the consistency you like, add your block of cream cheese. Use your masher the mash it into the soup. The heat will help it melt down and you can just stir it in once you get it broken apart.

* sometimes if I am feeling really crazy, I will chop two heads of broccoli and toss it in to simmer with the potatoes. I will also chop up a ham steak to toss in at the very end with the cream cheese and it changes up this soup so much. Both ways are equally delicious.*

Now it's time to serve it up. I usually give my family some rolls or even a yummy side salad goes well with this.
I have no idea why this picture will NOT turn, so y'all get an upside down spoon. LOL

YUMMY and total comfort food. Let me know if you make it, cause I wanna know how y'all like it!


  1. I am all about comfort food, this looks amazing.

  2. Yum Military Husband would love this!!

    1. yay! when you make it, let me know if he liked it! I always make this when people need meals at church after babies etc. and I always get so many compliments I almost feel guilty how simple it is!

  3. Oh heyyy! I love me some potatoes! Bonus points for it being a super easy recipe!!

    1. so easy. you can even throw it in the crockpot, but it doesn't thicken up as much in there.

  4. Yummy! That looks amazing...! And who doesn't love potatoes???

    1. ha that's pretty much how i feel! love me some potatoes!

  5. Yum. I'm also a huge fan of comfort food. And soups!

    1. me too. I would eat potatoes every day if I could!

  6. I'm not a big fan of potatoes, but I might make this for my husband! Thanks for sharing :)


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