Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As I sit here, I'm debating on whether or not to go to PWOC this week. It would be so nice to go but with the kiddos and their horrible allergies, I don't know if childcare would watch them or not.
I wanted to write about sex and commercials today. Recently my hubby and I put parental locks on the main TV because my 4 year learned how to switch the channel and I would walk in with him on BET videos, or VH1 lol. It's funny now but it really freaked me out. There is so much inappropriate content in those videos. Katie Perry is practically naked or there are women dancing around in bikinis and sex and violence. It's not only in shows or music videos but also in commercials! A commercial selling shoes will zoom only into women's butts and my son kinda laughs like " ha ha, I saw her butt" Or a perfume commercial with Fergie makes you feel so uncomfortable.
Now I know as a mom I need to watch out for this kind of stuff because I want my children to be innocent and young as long as possible, but as adults are we becoming desensitized to what is "appropriate" for daytime television and commercials? Are we so used to this stuff be shoved down our throats it doesn't bother us anymore?
Or am I being super sensitive? What do you guys think?

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  1. Not super sensitive, NO! We had to switch off from TVLand because of commercials the other day. TVLand!

    I was really visiting your site to let you know that I'm planning on featuring your blog on the Wives of Faith December spotlights. But I felt that I had to comment on the other, too!



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