Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm sitting watching cartoons with Big A, while little A finally sleeps.
I think she must be teething because she woke up 40 million times last night,
and so I have a big CUP of coffee helping me this morning.
Today we are moving on post!
Well some things..
We will do our walk through in just a bit,
and I have to admit I have been cranky to my husband about it.
Cranky that we are moving yet again.. even though its 5 minutes away.
Cranky that I have to pack.
Cranky that I have to unpack.
Cranky that I have to yet again get my children used to sleeping in their "new" bedrooms.
Super, super cranky.
But I have a confession.
I should never have been cranky at my husband at all.
here is my sad face because I hate to be wrong :(
The reason being is that he told me why he wanted us to move.
He wants us to save some money for the new baby.
He wants his children and wife to be safe while he works nights as an MP.
He is trying his hardest to provide for this family everything we need so we don't have to go without anything.
so.. yes he told me all this and I needed a big huge sign to carry around saying
I can't be mad at him for trying to better our lives.
To make us safer.
To help us save some money.
I need to be thankful for God giving me such an awesome husband who wants, and tries to provide for his family, even though he has an emotional wife who will be cranky for all the wrong reasons.


  1. I'm in the same boat. Phillip is going back to school for all the same reasons: to provide, to better our lives, etc. But I tend to be cranky. Bah! Lets just blame it on the hormones ;)

  2. Awww!! That is so sweet :) But don't beat yourself up about being cranky, what woman wouldn't be??

  3. Moving is stressful no matter the circumstances, don't beat yourself up about being a little grumpus. Good luck with the move!


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