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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It will all work out.
This was what a very amazing friend told me on the phone the other day.
Let me tell you that I have said this to myself thousands of times, and when she said it,
I actually believed it.
Amazing what God has planned, exactly when he wants you to hear something.
It sometimes freaks me out a little bit :) ha ha
I feel like I should say " Okay God, I totally understand what you have been trying to show me"
and then Icing on the cake: ALL 3 kids slept solidly until 7 am! yes, it's a miracle!
oh gosh, all the things the Lord is teaching is overwhelming.
-gratefulness for where I'm at, this season of my life
-patience, because I have been lacking in this area lately
Then with my very sweet group of girls from Ft. Hood, we have started studying and reading the book "Unglued" by Lisa Terkeurst. This is sooo good for me, totally speaking to me in this time and place.
 So if you have a chance, pick it up :)

My sweet advice giver!


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