Sparkler Painting

Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm all about easy crafts when it comes to my kiddos. They LOVE craft time and I especially love it when it feels special but it's really easy when it comes to clean up and also efficiency. So the craft I picked was a super cute sparkler inspired 4th of July painting. I saw a couple different ways to paint the "sparkler effect" straws, or pipe cleaners. But you literally had to assemble, and let's face it I like to be really time efficient.
I decided to use toilet paper rolls! Free and no assembly required! I was going to use canvases but was hesitant because they are expensive for a craft that may or may not turn out. So instead I bought a 3 pack of foam boards and with my oldest away at camp this gave me a board to paint also :) The entire pack cost me $5.50 and at that price I wasn't worried about potentially throwing it out.
These came out so cute and honestly any age could make one. I really like how mine turned out, so even adults who just like to craft could make this on their own.

Here's the overall breakdown:

Cost- $5.50 I bought the foam boards, but I had the red, white & blue paint on hand, and obviously tp rolls are free!
Supplies- foam boards, toilet paper rolls, paint (any color you want) I used acrylic paint.

Just cut the bottom into thin  strips, the thinner the better I think!

pick your paint colors. You'll need a plate for each color you use.
It needs to have a flat surface to get covered in paint.

Start painting!

Happy Aubree :)

Finished project!
Do the colors in layers so they have time to dry a bit in between layers.

Cheetos cheeser. He was just an assistant in this craft.
Have fun painting!


  1. This is so awesome, what a fun craft!

  2. I love this!!! Came out great! I already have the supplies around the house too, so I might try it today, since hubs works!

    1. Yeah! So easy, I did it while I had my carpets cleaned ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was so easy and super quick clean up! Which is so nice lol ;)


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