wishes for a wednesday

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My wish list:

1.my hubby left this morning and i wish he didn't have to go back :( yes I'm being a bit of a baby about it) The army IS NOT my friend at this moment.

2. To find a gorgeous 4 bedroom house in ft.hood that doesn't cost 1500 a month... seriously if it's not mine I refuse to pay that much

3.Can i please please pretty please have someone pack up my house and then unpack it once i find the above wish?? I mean a girl can ask lol

4. I'm about to start training for my 5k marathon and I really need some good running shoes, any suggestions??

Alia ♥


  1. I must give you Army wives props, because the whole R&R thing sounds horrible. I can't imagine getting my Spouse back for a few weeks only to say goodbye again!

  2. Oh saying goodbye again is so hard :(

    I hope you can find your house!

  3. Good luck! I hope all your wishes come true :)

  4. I hope your wishes come true.

    But I don't know of any 4 beds for less than 1300 or so... unless you buy. You may want to consider buying.

    And consider going out to Harker Heights or Copperas Cove. I live in Heights now and it's very nice.


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