Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I miss this man.
I know he was just here for R&R, but I have decided that R&R is a mean mean tease.. It's like HOORAY he's home, but just kidding! UGH
This is a picture from our date to the steakhouse and let me just say, it was so so worth the 175.00 we dropped that night.
We ordered a bottle of wine (and I drank most of it) :)
We stuffed ourselves with yummy yummy steak.
Then ate dessert on top. SO GOOD.
And he even rocked the greens, and he looked so hot.
grrrr baby, those men in uniform



  1. I love it ... is this the night jesus gave u the baby brother in your belly??? lol

  2. awww y'all are so cute. :)

    so idk if i've told you this before because usually i keep my speakers off, but the song you have on your playlist from the wedding singer, i was going to use that as my vows to nate if we did our own! lol.

  3. Thanks for adding my button! Watch for a new one in the coming weeks. My blog's still under construction! I've always said that I take my hat off to Army wives. R&R seems cruel to me!

  4. Aww super cute pic!! Glad you got to see him for a little bit, and hope the rest of it goes by fast!

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