Tired, Tired, Tired

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(as if you didn't get that from my title)
I'm searching for a house ONLINE. umm, who does that, besides me. I do have friends that are looking at them though, THANK GOD.
I'm trying to clean and figure out if I need to have a garage sale. (My husband would be nodding his head YES after that comment)
I really need to pack, but the thought makes me want to barf.

On a funny, freaky, making me flip out note: Big A keeps telling me I have a baby brother in my belly... I try to explain no just auntie has a baby in her belly, but he insists I do as well. All i know is I'm tired.. I'm not so ready for 3 kiddos just yet :)

Hope your Tuesday is good!


  1. Lol I look at houses online all the time. Then I get obsessed with houses I find and want to move.

    Get some sleep! :)

  2. But another tiny A would be wonderful :]
    If you need help packing let me know!

  3. Ha! Be careful, I hear kids are pretty prescient about these things ;) Good luck with the house hunt/garage sale!


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