How's your day?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm a guest blogger @ Singing in the Rain.
Kathryn is on maternity leave and had her sweet baby boy and is spending time with him instead of the Internet.. go figure :) LOL
I'm wanting to see pictures SOOOO BAD!
Big A and Little A crashed my 4th of July because they both decide to run fevers/get strep throat.
I was super sad :( However I did get to see the fireworks display on Ft. Hood. Which gives me chills and tears.
on my way I was rear-ended going through the gate.
Big A is still running fever,
Little A just won't sleep and has rockin' diarrhea. ( yes tmi)
so that's my day/ weekend

How was yours?


  1. Wow...sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! Hope everything gets easier for you!

  2. MMM chills and tears for sure. I hope the kiddies are feeling better!

  3. Aw!! Im sorry everyone is sick! :(( I just saw that your following my blog! Thanks!! I love your blog! :)


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