Shame on You!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So have you ever heard of the store Big Lot's?
It's one of my favorites :)
I just love to walk around and find cheap little awesome treasures.
It has AWESOME seasonal products and if you hit it just right you can find amazing deals on scrap booking stuff.
Well a few months back, I went to Big Lot's where my mom lives and we found a few things and as I was checking out I just decided to ask about a military discount
( I rarely ask about this, but at the previous store I had received one so it was on my mind)
The cashier quickly and gruffly told me NO!
Then proceeded to explain to me that "we" as in military do not, and I quote, "deserve" a discount because we receive so many other benefits that regular people don't. She went on and on her rant for a few minutes and I literally stood there speechless!
I didn't say a word to her and just left.
After thinking about it for the afternoon my blood was boiling and I decided to call the manger,
I told her what had happened and she assured me that the situation would be taken care of. I was still mad because she never even apologized.
So, I was still mad and decided to do what every angry girl does! Post it on facebook!
My husband was still deployed at the time, and knowing how I am, a friend's husband, also a soldier, wrote a letter to Big Lot's Corporation:
Here is the letter ( I took out some of the info because it was personal)

Steven S. Fisherman, CEO
Big Lots, Inc.
300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, Ohio 43228-5311

Dear Mr. Fisherman,

First of all, let me express my appreciation for your company and the value it provides my family. The store location on Fort Hood St. in Killeen, TX provides exceptional value on many products to my family and helps us obtain quality goods at great prices. Unfortunately, the purpose of this letter is make you aware of the shocking treatment the wife of a friend of mine received on April 29 at your location on (location taken out) Texas.

Alia Osburn, the wife of my good friend Sergeant (my hubby's name) Osburn who is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the Army, was shopping at your store at the above location in the afternoon of April 29, and when she was checking out she asked for a military discount. Instead of a simple yes or no, she was told by the cashier that the military “doesn’t deserve any discounts because they already get too many benefits that we don’t get.” I don’t believe that the military is entitled to any discounts, however there are many businesses which provide them and therefore it would make sense to at least ask whether the business offered a discount. If your business policy is to not offer a discount, then that is perfectly ok. However, insulting not only the wife of a Soldier who is serving in a combat zone but military personnel in general is simply disgraceful.

I am writing this letter on Mrs. Osburn’s behalf as she is much more reserved than your cashier was. The store manager has been notified of the incident, but I also wanted to ensure that this issue was addressed at the highest level. Again, I appreciate the service you provide the military community here in Killeen and I hope this letter will help prevent such situation from occurring in the future.


(My friend's name removed)
Staff Sergeant, United States Army

And the reason I am just telling you about this now, he didn't receive anything back.
No generic letter, no anything.
This makes me seriously not want to shop at one of my favorite stores and I wanted to share this because I feel like something more should have been done to right the situation.
So there you are:
I will not be shopping with you for quite a while!


  1. I have said it before and i will say it again... BOYCOTT!!!

    I am glad someone else said something... maybe some of the rest of us should start writing letters and sending the in.
    Then maybe something will happen!

    i love you and miss you ... and i thank the lord for your husband to fight for my family's safety

  2. That is awful!!!

    I honestly would've been shocked and speechless at first but my husband would've told me to go back up there and give them a piece of my mind!

    My husband does not come home to me everynight, there are many days where we go without speaking. My husband and I can't plan for our future because we never know where the government may send us. My husband is OWNED by the government. My husband can't just "quit" his job when it gets tough or "leave the company" for a higher paying job. My husband doesn't get paid nearly enough for what he does. My husband risks his life everyday for people who make STUPID choices and wouldn't think twice about shooting him.

    Now I don't know about that woman, but I certainly don't consider those things a BENEFIT that regular people don't have. The least they can do is give us a discount while they use their FREEDOM to go run their ignorant mouths off to other unappreciative people.

  3. the same thing happened to me in back home in texas. in california good will has a discount for military. when i was home i asked at checkout and the lady looked at me and said "no, why should we." i was shocked, and what i said "was look lady, pretty sure my husband is keeping safe. and he works he butt off so your husband dosent have to. thanks though" and left.

  4. Wow. Are you serious?! I rarely shop at Big Lots anyway, but I definitely won't be going after this. And I'm going to share it with family members/friends/fellow milspouses too. This is just ridiculous. It's one thing for a cashier to be rude, but for the CEO (or even his SECRETARY) not to send even a general "we apologize" letter? RUDE. INCONSIDERATE. DISRESPECTFUL. Absolutely ridiculous.

  5. How horrible. If I ever shopped at Big Lots, I would stop. I can't believe that he didn't receive an apology letter!

  6. WOW! People like that have NO idea. And for them to not even apologize? Ridiculous!
    Oh..I'm a new follower of yours! Your page is very cute!

  7. How awful. People are so ignorant and rude and disrespectful sometimes. Definitely won't be shopping there.

  8. I am shocked at how disrespectful people can be to others. It was a simple question that did not deserve that response. I can't believe the company hasn't even sent a generic letter. That is very professional. I don't shop there now and now won't after this either.

  9. I haven't shopped with Big Lots in over a year, because of location. BUT I am very surprised of them taking a stance of just ignoring the email. I don't mind when businesses don't offer discounts, but I do mind when their employees take it upon themselves to be rude and give an opinion as to why they do not.

  10. "ahhh! Welcome to the world Adam and I'm so glad everything went well :) Congrats mama he is beautiful!"

    Thank you so much!! :) He is such a blessing!

    Wow we have big lots here and that makes me so mad! I am going to pass on that info to others too.

  11. Ummmm....what other benefits?!? Deployments? Never seeing our husbands? Fear? Stress? Anxiety? This makes my blood boil!! So ignorant!!

  12. i hate people who think they know what it's like to be part of a military family. I love being an AF Wife but i wish people were better informed about our lifestyle... I've said it before and I'll say it again, stupid people piss me off.

  13. I see that you are at Ft.Hood we'll be pcs'ing there in October. Can you recommend any good places to live?

  14. Shame on that lady for being so disrespectful! Curious what her husband does for a living?

  15. "yikes! I have heard of 4th degree tares but never "knew" anyone that had that happen. I will be praying for you and I hope the recovery keeps going okay.. you have had a rough time!"

    haha I know! I didn't even know there was a such thing I thought third degree was the worst someone could get! Thanks so much for the prayers I appreciate it. I hope you are doing well! :)

  16. Umm...I am speechless. What a disgraceful way to treat a military wife. I would love to remind that sales clerk that in NO OTHER occupation does the employee agree to be OK with "giving up to and including his life." That kinda makes a 20 % discount (for example) seem small!

    Your friend's husband handled that very well! Your sweet family has my prayers!

  17. Wow, I am not in the military, but I am so grateful for the men and women that serve and personally I think they and their families absolutely deserve any discount that can be offered to them. I am totally disgusted with Big Lots and will not be shopping there any more. I am so sorry you and your family were treated like that. :(

  18. Oh wow!

    I'm all late hearing about this, but that is absolutely unbelievable. I'm a military wife and I'm not sure what I would have said in the heat of the moment. It might not have been nice, cause I might would have asked her if she has ever had to fear for her husband's safety, wonder if he would be around for the holidays, or have a baby by herself so that her husband could fight for the freedom of folks who say stupid things.

    Glad the letter was written. Maybe a followup is needed?


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