Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whats up with BUTTS?
I mean I really don't get the fascination but there is some weird obsession between my 4 year old son and butts.
He currently loves to shake his booty in your face and has a laughing attack after the shaking has gone on.
Then he will constantly scratch himself (you know how boys are) and tells me he just really needs to scratch it like Daddy.
Sweet, like father like son :)
Then he will walk into my bedroom while I'm getting dressed and say things like:
UGH you look disgusting in your underwear!
Ugh I can see your little shiny hiny
(because in our house we don't say "butt")
So what's up with this annoying phase..
the booty shaking isn't so bad I actually think its cute, but the rest is just plain annoying :P
What's your pet peeve this week?


  1. Bryce has started the most annoying thing... he covers his ears when i am talking to him... and says "Im not listening!" he has now realized this action come with a spank on his booty!!! lol

    Miss you

  2. You're son sounds like my husband. Hopefully they'll both grow out of it? =) Hmm, this week's pet peeve? People that send me their itinerary to let me know that they will be coming to see me. No call, no "are these dates ok", just a "hey, I booked these tickets - hope it works for you." Wish we lived closer, maybe we could leave your booty-shaking son with my unexpected guests and have coffee =)

  3. I'm your newest follower! :) Following from Friendship Friday @ That 22 Y.O. Housewife. I'm a military spouse as well. My hubby's in the USAF. I have too many pet peeves to list! LOL. Come check out my blog sometime.



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