Tuesday, October 11, 2011

With my husband away at MPI school, and me here alone with all 3 kiddos
it has been tough. It has only been 3 weeks (out of an 8 week school)
and I already can't wait for it to be over!
I think my problem is that I need to be intentional with EVERYTHING.
Intentional with my disciplining.
This is especially important with my 5 year old.
He is really testing me, my patience is low and on those days he feels like pushing it,
hitting, kicking, anger in his words and actions, I totally feel at a loss.
Intentional with the plans for the day.
Some days little A and I don't play very much, and at the end of the day
I feel like we could have done so much more then waste time until bedtime.
Intentional in everything.
It's hard. I am lonely and missing my husband. The kids are sad and missing their Daddy.
And life has to go on.
We have to continue and not just "be" we need to thrive.

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