Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's kinda funny when you think about how life just completely never turns out how you think or "want".
I say "want" like this because, I don't think anyone really really knows what they want.
In my mind I always thought in order to be happy, I would go to college, teach high school history, eventually get married, and maybe have children.
What a thing the Lord has taught me about Happiness.
I never finished college, I never became a teacher in high school....
Instead I got pregnant when I was just 18 years old,
had my first child at 19, got married when I was 21. Had a second child at 22,
and then a third at 24.
I can tell you, this life isn't perfect.
It is  Beautiful though.
I am a teacher.
I teach 3 amazing babies everyday.
I teach them about Jesus, about love, about playing and getting dirty.
And I am Taught.
They teach me grace, patience, and how to play and get dirty WITH them.
I married my very best friend.
He is incredible, even if we sometimes get on one anothers nerves.
These past months have been hard, really hard.
But when I take the time to really think about all the wonderful things going on, it isn't sadness I feel....
it's gratefulness, happiness.
happy that the Lord is so full of Grace that he continues to teach, and mold me.
Even when i least deserve it.

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  1. I really like how you said that your life wasn't perfect, but that it was beautiful. I have been thinking a lot lately about how my life has turned out nothing like I planned to it be, but I am going to start believing that God has a more beautiful plan for me.

    Love stalking your blog :)


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