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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It has been an insane few weeks around my house since summer "break" started. Now that I am all done with my husbands graduation party, things seem to be slowing down. I just want to read a good book and drink ten million Dr. Pepper's. Don't judge, those things are like crack.
I am SO proud of Tim. He worked so hard to get his BA and he did it all while having a full time job, full time family, and doing the reserves, and in a little less than 3 years. I think he is so awesome. So he graduated Saturday and we had a huge open house party for him.
I wanted him to feel so loved and celebrated! Of course a crazy wind storm blew in and everyone who was outside had to come in and my nerves were totally on edge. It's always so crazy when I have to make everyone squeeze in.
I cooked Mexican food and by the end of the night my whiskey sours put me totally out of party planning mode and into relaxed mode. That's kinda my favorite mode these past couple weeks, but it has been non-existent. lol. And no I will not tell you how many I had, that's a secret.
I'm hoping this summer can now actually be a break. I just want to soak up some sweet memories with my babies.

check out Aubree posing :)

more posing

Alijah's face! lol

Tim's cousin and childhood best friend

WHY is this angle so terrible!

naked baby!

4 out of 5 sisters

Pretty sure he was sneaking pieces of a cupcake
photo cred goes to Alijah-

I pretty much failed at taking any pictures of the party decorations, and I'm pretty bummed about that. Overall I feel like the party was a success. 


  1. Congratulations to your husband! That really is an accomplishment!! I've graduated a few times, but honestly my most memorable one was when I received my BA. It meant more to me than my law degree. My husband is going to finish his degree soon too; I'm happy for him. Congrats again!!!

    1. A LAW degree!? Holy Moly girl, that's awesome! I'll pass on the congrats :)

  2. What an amazing accomplishment!!!! Congrats to him!

  3. Wow, well done to your man!!! Hurrah!! Drink all the whiskey sours you want!! ;)

    1. Ha ha, I'm a lightweight. 3 was MORE than sufficient. lol

  4. Congratulations to him - and to you for throwing the party for him! :)

  5. Congratulations to your Hubby! That is a great thing! I'm sure he loved the party you threw.

    1. I think he had a good time, thanks so much!


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