Crazy weekend

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I thought things would start settling down around the O house since summer had officially kicked off. But like I've said it's been crazy and it just hasn't let down yet.
 My weekend started with a wedding to go to. I was so excited because y'all, at a women's retreat in January of 2013 we had been praying over this girl and a future husband/ marriage. I love to see when God delivers. It was such a sweet little country wedding and my hubby and I had a blast.

My weekend was off to a great start. A sweet wedding, and some time alone with my oldest. He had been begging for me to take him to Toys-R-Us to spend his birthday gift card. So just he and I decided to sneak off for a bit.  While I was gone my sweet baby Benjamin fell on the trampoline and broke his arm. We didn't even know how seriously he had injured it until Monday.
The nights had been just awful. He was so restless and wasn't sleeping at all. I could tell he wasn't feeling well so I had him on some ibuprofen. But finally by Monday morning I knew something just wasn't right. I called my pediatrician and they suspected his tendon in hos wrist had slipped. SO my hubby met me at the doctor, and they tried to slip it back on. After that didn't work the doctor sent us for x-rays. I knew right away he had a fracture. Just a mama gut instinct I guess.
They called an hour later with the results, and this morning I was in with the orthopedist, and then getting his cast.
I feel so terrible. I had no idea it was broken at first. It never swelled or bruised. He has what is called a buckle fracture. Where his cartilage isn't quite bone yet and has a bend in it. He will only be in the cast for 3 & 1/2 weeks and it won't affect any growth plates. I'm so thankful it is as minor as could be.

He is super happy eating a cookie here. The pain seems to have surpassed quite a bit. I hope tonight is a good night's sleep for both of us! I'm also praying it heals quickly!


  1. Oh no. I'm sending prayers your baby heals up soon! So sorry that happened to him, bless his heart.

  2. Awww poor think! Hope it heals soon.

  3. Aw poor guy. I fractured my arm when I was little as well.


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