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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I had decided to do a little retail therapy at Hobby Lobby (basically the best store ever ) to work on my scrap booking, Big A had just received a letter in the mail from Daddy and insisted he bring it along. We folded it up and stuck it in his pocket and ventured in. We headed straight to the scrapbooks where of course ,my little man struck up a conversation to anyone and everyone who would listen.
Alijah found a mother and daughter shopping and proceeded to show them the letter. I explained how Daddy was in Afghanistan and how proud Alijah was of this letter. He then INSISTED I read the letter to them, they graciously agreed and I read the letter. I was slightly annoyed at the persistence of my three year old, but it was so sweet how they intently listened. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then when on our way.
Just a few minutes later I was greeted by the women yet again. This time the mother came up to me and hugged me and handed me a card and said that it was just a little something to show how much they appreciated my family's sacrifice. I opened it up and it was A 50.00 GIFT CARD!!! WOO HOOO! What a blessing!
I think that was just a way of showing me there is love and appreciation for what I do, my husband does and even though we struggle through this deployment, there is light at the end, and love all around. Thank you to those women who showed me LOVE in a gift card.
And thank you to my GOD who shows me grace and mercy everyday, and is helping me through the storm one little blessing at a time.

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  1. oh my goodness, Alia, this is amazing. I got tears in my eyes reading it! People can be so great! You deserve it, love!


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