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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I'm a crazy lady and already I am thinking about names.
For this baby we have decided to be surprised.
(Well I decided and hubs was sweet to go along)
When I asked him if he liked the idea he said:
"no, I hate surprises" ha well too bad sweet husband. LOL

anyways we are having some different opinions on names.
Here's my favorites
- Charlotte aka sweet baby girl Charlie
-Ezekiel aka baby boy Zeke
-Teegun (I heart this name)
I am keeping the middle name a secret because no matter what I'm using it lol
My hubby only likes Charlie.. but what if we have a boy?

What's some of your favorite names?


  1. I love Charlotte. I also like Teegun. Is that for a boy. I have only seen it spelled Teagan for a girl.

  2. Love Cadence! Teegun is cute too but I see that for a boy!

  3. My favorite is Charlotte out of your names.

    We are set on naming our kids Victoria & Thomas. I also like Caroline, Anna, Samuel & Isaac. We'll see what it ends up being!

    Good luck. :)

  4. Love Charlotte & Cadence. But I'm a geek & with your other two having names starting with an "A", I would be tempted to go that route!

  5. I like Charlotte. Very Pretty!

    I like Lillian, Grace, Maddie, for girls.

    I like Thomas, Brayden, Brody, Hunter, for boys.

    Have a great day!

  6. I LOVE traditional boy names for girls, for whatever reason, I think it's ultra feminine. My fave was Charlie, but my husband and I can never agree on anything, so it was tossed when we were deciding. I finally pulled the military wife card and told him that if I was the one giving birth, and he was going to be away, then he was outnumbered.

    Such a difficult process- good luck!

    Love the blog!

  7. I love the name Charlotte!

  8. I love Charlotte! That's one of my favorite names along with Vanessa, but Sean and I do not agree on baby names AT ALL. So who knows what our baby will be named when we finally have one.

  9. I love Charlotte for a girl and Charlie for a boy! My cousin's name is Charla, a variation of Charlotte.

  10. Love your A theme... I love how you and your babies have A names lol I vote for an A name like Amelia (get it ... it sort of has alia in it lol)

    Love you

  11. I have a Charli girl and she is so full of life! I think Charlotte and calling her Charlie (or however you decide to spell it) is simply perfect. =)


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