New favorite thing

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So here's my new favorite thing:
Have you ever seen "Minute to Win It"
It's super awesome. It's just a show where people do ridiculous things for money.
The tasks are intense and you are almost shocked every time someone wins.
But it's not just watching it, it's watching with my 4 year old :)
He must add commentary:
"oh my gosh"
"look how hard this is mommy!"
"oh that's "possible" (which means impossible)
It's adorable, I mean seriously.
He even tries to re-create the show with his toys.
And shows me what they should have done ( because he totally knows best)

What's your favorite thing to do right now?


  1. I'm sorry...all I could do was smile when I clicked on your blog because of Adam Sandlers song you have on here. Now now Somewhere over the rainbow is playing.....I might have to make your blog my new itunes;)

  2. I LOVE that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got my husband hooked on it :)


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