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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For a while now, I have been having horrible stomach pains and some pretty intense side effects along with it. I was finally referred to a GI doc after several months of run around.
After several tests, like a colonoscopy and endoscopy,
the GI gave me just a "catch all" of IBS.
so very annoying.
basically meaning she had absolutely no idea why my small intestine was very swollen and inflamed.
So after more appointments,
she decide to put me on a gluten free diet.
I'm supposed to completely cut out gluten, then dairy along with it.
Then I will slowly add it back into my diet to see what is causing the discomfort.
I am positive I have a gluten sensitivity and the dairy I'm pretty sure doesn't bother me.
and oh man has it been difficult.
feeding a family and also trying to eat with some pretty harsh restrictions has been hard.
All of our main dishes are gluten free,
but snacks and lunches for the kids are not.
You have no idea how much gluten you eat until you have to cut it out of your diet.
So what I'm wondering is if y'all have any awesome gluten free recipes?
gluten free snacks?
also that may be kid friendly,
It would be so helpful!



  1. have you visited these sites?

    maybe they will help get you started!

  2. I use a meal planning website that is awesome! And they have a gluten free option :] I haven't tried those but am thinking about switching soon. it's It helped us save alot of money too. I usually have leftovers the next day for lunch for me and the boys. :]


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