Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Don't worry about anything: instead pray about everything." Philippians 6:4

This is my motto for life right now.
Don't worry.
Do not worry.
 It's pretty powerful.
It kind of smacks you in the face.
I wonder about our future often.
I lay in bed at night unable to sleep, just so overwhelmed with the unknown.
I'm a huge planner, I like to be in charge,
and for the first time I'm really learning to let God be in charge.
It's honestly hard work.
I don't want to leave my future in someone else's hands,
but then I'm reminded of the might hands my future is in.
The hands of a redeemer,
The hands of the Almighty.

I have been praying so much for the future, for hubby's job,
hopefully for another baby, for a move.
We have been discussing switching to the US Coast Guard.
It scares me and makes me excited all at the same time
I'm really not sure how our future is going to be or what it holds,
but I do know whose in control.
And I am comforted by that.

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