Summer time!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am happy to say I have my dining room chairs painted ( it only took an entire deployment for them sitting) and my kiddos are proud new owners of a handmade sandbox and my garden is officially started! My husband was so awesome to have worked practically all of his memorial day weekend for stuff I really wanted. He is so very sweet.
It's June! I can't believe how fast summer came, and I'm waiting anxiously for 4th of July (its my fave). This is a crazy month ! My hubby has block leave. Big A is starting swim lessons and for his very first time he is going to go to VBS :) I'm really excited about it. I have a lot of memories from vacation bible school when I was little. Little A will just be hanging out, along for the ride and continuing to wrap her daddy around her sweet little finger. She is hilarious.
She has started to learn the art of batting eyelashes and saying "eeeee" for please and Daddy melts and totally gives in. I guess it's to be expected little girl's just have a way with Daddies :)

I'm STILL working on the office and the playroom. Apparently my kiddos have way too many toys, so I am starting to sort through and do some donation boxes. I can only do that at nap/rest time or Big A will have a heart attack :) So hopefully I can get it finished soon because it is driving me nuts.
The office though is my hubby's domain :) I did find a steal on good ole' craigslist for an awesome cherry wood desk and the lady seriously gave it to me for twenty bucks! She said she just wanted to get rid of it but every time I go into the office I feel a little guilty for having such a cool desk for 20 bucks :)


  1. "very very sweet, If only we could really do this! and I can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby!"

    haha I know right? That would be pretty cool! Thank you, we are so excited to meet him!!

    That is so cool that your little one gets to experience VBS, I used to love going, and miss helping out!

  2. I just HAD to leave you a comment and tell you that when I watched your blog load up? I said

    " OH CAYUTE!!!"

    I love your header image! It's sweet, sassy, vintage, scrumptious - love it! :) Had to tell you! Ok now I have to go add some more links to the Mil Spouse Blogger list. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm a new follower! It's so good to have other army wives to talk to!! I LOVE your blog so far, especially you're "about me"! :)


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