Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Normally I am a VERY modest person, but after a ton of thought I decided to post about this: waxing or no waxing of your "you know" hoo.
I have been thinking of doing this for a while and when I said something to my mom about it she freaked, she couldn't believe I would let anyone besides my hubby or a doctor down there. LOL
So here's what I'm wondering:
Have you?
Is it horribly painful?
How long does it last?
Is it totally worth it?
I don't want to do it, if its not really worth it. HAHA
So don't be embarrassed!
Let me know?


  1. I am the exact same way totally modest, and hate when even my doctors have to check umm "down there". I got it done twice, just a bikini wax though. After doing much research on it and asking several friends I decided that I wanted to get one before I got married for my honeymoon. Well I was so scared, but it was totally worth it. They even let me keep my underwear on so I wouldn't feel weird. It does hurt, but they spray stuff on you right after and it takes the sting right out! And they gave me lots of cream and stuff to keep the bumps and itchyness away. It lasted for several months and I was so happy with it I did it again for last summer. I would have done it again, but since I am preggo I decided to wait. I don't know if you have an Ulta store near you but that is where I got mine done both times. You should be able to check here to see if there is one by you.
    Anyways hope this helps, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions, I remember I was so nervous about it! :)

  2. I am so glad you posted this! I have never had this done, but have always wanted to. I'm curious to see what everyone has to say! Sorry I couldn't answer myself:)

  3. Well I guess that makes 3 of us that are totally modest. I hate going to the doctors to look down there, so uncomfortable. I got my first and ONLY one done right before my wedding a year ago, thought it would be a nice "surprise". I walked in not knowing what to expect and completely nervous. It's very awkward at first, just stare at the ceiling HAHA! She started by doing the sides first and I had to hold my leg taut. That part wasn't so bad, but then she started going in closer to the top and I will tell you right now it stings more than anything!! It will make your eyes water and you will possibly yell. She told me that it may have been less painful if my hair was a bit shorter (1/4 of an inch). It lasted about 3 weeks to a month. It was amazing once it was all gone though and totally worth the pain since it did last awhile. I would do it again and since it gets easier with every time you do it maybe my next time won't be as painful.
    Hopefully this helped a bit! =] Good Luck!

  4. I have no advice either, I just want you to know I'm going to be stalking your comments to see what everyone says =)

  5. i had one done last fall before my hubby came home, i'd always wanted to so i finally sucked it up and did it because i wanted to surprise him. i looked for spas online on spafinder because people write reviews, so i just found one near me that had the highest reviews, (you really want to make sure you're not going some place ghetto to get something like that done. haha.) anyway, it was definitely painful but TOTALLY worth it! and of course hubby loved it. :) i'd get it done regularly if it was more affordable.

  6. I've done the brazilian, I used someone who was really great. BUT, with my husbands homecoming coming up I wouldn't do it again. I did it once for boudoir photos and once for R&R. It works, it's great because you don't see any hair since it's pulled out. I don't believe it's THAT painful, except for the very top of the section has the coarsest hair and that hurts the most. I might do it more often if it was more affordable! I just don't want to pay all that $, but special occasions would be great! OH and make sure you have the right length of hair!! They say about 6 weeks of growth.

  7. Absolutely no clue! I'm scared to death of the idea of getting waxed. I would love it because I have to shave every night I shower or every other day. It gets tiring but Im just not sure of waxing. more power to you!

  8. No clue at all....but I want to get one done before hubby comes, from what I have read here, I will totally ask if they have something that takes the pain away before doing it. You are way more bolder than me....i'd be too shy to post. Thank God you did -:)

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  9. After getting quite a few Brazilians, I have to say that I'm seriously considering laser hair removal on my lady bits and underarms. If I'm gonna go through the pain every month or so, why not do it permanently? The cost difference isn't much ($65/Brazilian session, $100/laser removal session) and then I can look forward to never having to do that again after the fifth or sixth session! My friend had it done and strongly recommends it!


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