Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm trying to decide about putting Big A in school.
He just turned 4 in April but it seems like mom's are putting their children in school earlier and earlier.
I have looked into Mom's day out... the cheapest price I have found is 190.00 for 2 days a week! uh nutso!
Or i could put him in public school half-days all week,
of full day all week.
I feel like this is just too much,
I want him to enjoy being a little kid and not grow to hate school because he has been in it his entire life.
I decided to stay home to have my kids home with me,
but I really don't know about homeschooling.
UGH what a hard decision about school for my 4 yr. old!
I know some mommies read my blog... what do you all think?


  1. It is a hard one! My oldest started at hourly care at age 2 and then was in a 2 day week program but it was pretty cheap. Then when he was 3 he started a Special Ed preschool. He has always loved school. Now my 2nd child is 3.5 and is just now starting hourly care. He is having a little trouble getting use to it. I have him on a waiting list for a preschool for the fall but not sure he will get in.

    I don't think you have to put him in school now if you don't want to but don't feel bad if you want to either.

  2. I am trying to get Ty into the preschool at the CDC but there is a wait list. He will be 4 next month! He is really ready to go, but I didn't want to send him to the public schools to be honest so that is why we chose the CDC. We are really hoping that he gets in for Fall! I have already told my husband that if there aren't suitable schools in the area that we can afford then homeschool it is for him!

  3. This is my constant battle this summer... i dont want to put him in public school...and am doing as much research on home schooling as i can so idk... although i have to say bryce was 4 in pre-school and absolutely loved it!!!! He had real friends and got invites to to birthday parties... he learned manners, how to share, got to do school plays and go on feild trips.... and i know if i do send him to regular school he is ready for it.

  4. I guess my only advice would be to remember the reasons why you decided to stay home with them and keep them home. My conviction has always been to raise my children at home. The Bible says that as parents, WE are responsible for training our children and I don't want to give that privilege to anyone else. You've got to do what's best for your family though and as long as you blog about it, I'll be happy either way =)

  5. I personally think the half day school option may be best. It really gives them a head start on getting ready for kindergarten without being too much. It's the best of both worlds, school for a bit and then mommy time!

    So many kids get into kindergarten and it's a complete shock to their system and they really struggle. This way it allows them time to adjust without being thrown in all day right away.

    I know at my school, kids in kindergarten are learning what kids use to learn in 1st or 2nd grade. (When I was told my daughter would read before kindergarten was done, I didn't believe it - but it happened!)


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