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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So you all know my husband has been on block leave the ENTIRE month of June and we have yet to go on a single date..
We ate first were going to see Sex and the City 2,
but of course I had to cancel that because we had a baby get sick :(
Then I decided to leave the date planning up to him because every time I asked he made it seem like he didn't really want to go ( or I am just being super-sensitive, why? I'll fill you in later)
So I dropped a BAJILLION (yes a bajillion-- its real :) hints about:
Did I get to go? NOPE because my hubby forgot to purchase tickets ahead of time so they were all sold out..

SO what's up with this? I feel like I'm being a huge baby, but I really want to be taken out on a date. Asked out on a date.. Have a date planned for me!
Is this just too much to ask or what?

When Is the last time you went on a real date?

p.s. Walking around the px with no kids.. IS NOT A DATE!


  1. Our last real date was almost a year ago. It was the night I got home from the hospital after having our youngest/the night before be left for his 8 month deployment. He took me to see Harry Potter in theaters. Granted an 8 month deployment was in there...before that I have no idea.

  2. I think the last time my husband and I went somewhere together sans kids was when we were headed to the birth center to deliver our 3 baby... before that though we would go on a yearly date to see the Nutcracker every Christmas. That was it though, our usual one date a year.

  3. The CDC here has Date Night where they watch your kids from 6:30-11:30pm the fourth Friday of every month and noon to 6:00pm the second Saturday of every month! We take full advantage of that!

  4. Nick refuses to leave maddi lol ... we never go anywhere together without the kids... its super annoying let me tell ya im ready to kill him!! WHat is the deal with these boys????

  5. I don't have kids .. but its hard to find date time between our two schedules .. or what our two schedules use to be. Hopefully when he comes home from Deployment and in between my school schedule we can have a date night or two .. however I would like to say I dragged him to new moon on block leave before deployment .. he was lost .. and got a little jealous of my infatuation for jacob ;)

  6. BTDT trying to plan dates. Our last one was a month ago when we went to the Toby Keith concert but it was WAY too hot for us to enjoy, not to mention he was kinda mad at my butt for breaking his camera. lol

    Back when we lived in San Diego we used to go on a date night every payday, but we had my mom living right down the road. 5 years of twice a month dates that ended the minute we moved to Oregon. In the last year we've gone on MAYBE 7 dates. As soon as I get us out of this hole, we will be getting a regular part time babysitter.

  7. Love your cute blog! I'm your newest follower!

  8. Girl, I say if he doesn't take you on a date within the next week, then you take HIM out on a date and show him how it's done! Then at the end, say— "Your turn to plan the next one!" Haha. Worth a try, right?


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