7 years

Monday, April 27, 2015

Yesterday we celebrated 7 years of marriage. I am feeling like it's a pretty big milestone. SEVEN years. Apparently the seventh year of marriage is supposed to be your hardest? I don't feel like that was the case for us. I mean, don't' get me wrong, marriage is hard sometimes. And some of our years have been so much harder than others, but by no means was this our hardest year. I feel like it was one of our easiest actually.  
I think at the beginning of marriage you have a lot of expectations and dreams of how your life will look, how your marriage will be, how you will just do life in general. And then after that first year you realize some of those are generally crazy. lol You see how life will actually be. You start to get over annoyances you didn't even know existed to begin with. And you start learning to lay some of those expectations down.
Looking back on the past seven years I am beyond thankful for my husband and for our marriage. Some of those really tough times, helped shape our marriage now. It also helped us learn about one another even more. The tough times are so actually very bittersweet, hard but such good sweet lessons. 
Here's to another 7 years!

Our first dance!



  1. Happy Anniversary :) Year 7 wasn't really the hardest for us either.

  2. Oh good, maybe that means we wont have a SUPER hard year? I hope that's the case?! Lol

  3. Aww I love your wedding picture! 7 years is awesome. I hope you have many happy years to come!!

    1. Thanks :) I really feel like it gets sweeter with time!


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