Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yall. Seriously I can't even tell you how much goodness came out of my weekend spent at HOPESPOKEN. God was totally moving and you could feel it. You could almost reach out and touch it. If you have a chance to attend, I can not recommend it enough.
First, I was totally pushed out of my comfort zone. I found a girl off of social media to room with. Her name was Katie and she was amazing. Exactly who I needed to spend the weekend with. We had so much in common and we just were really able to connect. I felt like we had been friends for forever. 
Then came the weekend. All the speakers Jen Hatmaker, music by Jason Castro, and my small group who met four separate times throughout the three days. All amazing and wonderful. I LOVE hearing peoples stories of how God has moved in their lives.
By Saturday night, I was feeling so emotionally exhausted. Just so worn out from all that had been spoken to my heart. I had heard four breakout speakers: Ruth Simons @gracelaced.com , Lindsey Kramer @ yonderwayfarm.blogspot.com, Joy Prouty @wildflowersphotos.com and also Jodi Mockabee @www.jodimockabee.com. Seriously all of them were so wonderful in their own deifferent ways. I AM AMAZED by how God shows up and shows himself through the telling of these women's seemingly ordinary lives. I think that may have been what I was supposed to get out the speaker sessions. God is in your story. Literally every piece, He has woven together. The mundane moments of laundry and sick babes, angry moments and happy moments, babies being born, the wanting of more children, moves, dirty dishes, Every moment sweet friends. 
He even continues to show up for me even when I am not showing up for him, He is so faithful.
The weekend ended with a punch to my heart. Stephanie Holden @ honeyholden.blogspot.com. This was what I had been waiting for, when she spoke about Grace upon Grace... literally the ugly cry happened. Like I said before God continues to show up for me even when I'm so unfaithful. But this was just a moment of knowing that God writes our story. He was there from the moment I became a teen mama, to now- four babies and a crazy unknown future. I have followed Stephanie for a while and it all happened by me stumbling across her letter to her 16 year old self, which I adored. So if you get a minute to read it, do it!
I can't even put into words all the awesomeness that came from the weekend so I'm just going to share a few pictures.

 Ruth told about finding your identity in Christ
 Lovely group of women! My small group <3 p="">
 Jen Hatmaker and Jason Castro
 Delicious gluten free treats!!
 My SWEET Roomie <3 p="">

 Stephanie Holden!
She was pretty much the.sweetest.ever.

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