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Thursday, April 9, 2015

I had recently been having this overwhelming feeling of being "just a mama" or "just a wife" It's silly I know, but I had really been letting those thoughts get into my brain and also letting it really get me down. But then after chatting with my hubby, my attitude began to change some.
Who's standard of success am I holding myself too? The world's? Eternal success? I am just living this life seemingly doing nothing?
The answer in short is absolutely not. I am RAISING four little humans. I am the one who will teach them manners, behavior, pretty much everything that they will be when they grow up will have been a culmination of everything I have poured into their tiny little hearts and brains. Talk about a huge impact for the glory of God.
We were chosen to be our husband's wife and our children were place specifically with us. It almost blows my mind how intricate the Lord designs things.
I am coming up on my ten year high school reunion. I think that's why some of these things had really been entering into my mind. For the past ten years, I have given birth to four babies, and followed and supported my husband in his career. I haven't graduated college. I have no special training. I haven't started any business's or pursued any other career besides that of raising, supporting and sacrificing for my family.
The world likes us to believe that's not enough. That if we don't have those titles or degrees we have done nothing.
Oh man, let's not let ourselves  believe that lie. Let's remind ourselves what a huge impact we have. Let's cheer other mama's/wives/stay at home spouses/working mama's/women struggling with infertility, that you have an incredibly important job.
You are exactly where God wants you to be.

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