It's all the Good days

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I wish there was a way to know, "hey, this season of your life is about to end, and you better soak these moments up" but in real life that doesn't always happen or pretty much never happens. That's  where I have been, having babies and life and craziness in between all of those things. My kids have literally been growing up in front of my eyes. It happens so fast that you don't even realize it until it's done.
When I started blogging, I seriously had a three year old and a newbie. Now I have literally doubled in size and it's crazy around my house at all times. And blogging pretty much stopped all together. I continued to read my favorites, but I never wrote for myself.
I'm hoping that since we have kinda moved passed the "baby" stage, since my youngest is 16 months old- I know he is still so little, but now my life doesn't stop every three hours to nurse a teeny babe. I can start to get me back a little.
Writing! That's where this little ole blog comes in. 
Working out. umm I hate this one, working out is not fun for me, but afterwards I am always so proud.
Soaking up time with my kiddos. This is kinda a no brainer. But I would love to set a time aside for each one of them separately. They are starting to get such amazing personalities and spending time with them, is fun. And  as they grow bigger this will be such an awesome advantage for me! They might actually want to talk to me about things!
So overall, this is just so important to getting back to myself and also being the mama I want to be. 
Because we all know if Mama aint happy aint nobody happy. :)

Also, remember to soak in this season.  I won't have little ones forever. My husband won't always be working and finishing his degree. Sleep won't always trump showering... or maybe it will.
I want to cherish these days now and not look back to what I used to have.



  1. Sometimes it's hard to sit down and really soak in the moment. But it seems as though you are doing your best. :)

  2. Thanks girl, I really am trying, they literally grow up sooo fast!!


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