Friday, February 12, 2010

Woo, It has been quite a week. Big A has been a stinker this week to say the least. He gets into little ruts if he doesn't hear from Daddy, and then i think subconsciously Mommy is the one blamed, so let's just say Mommy has been the target this week. I'll admit I haven't had the patience I should, I have lost my temper and been angry at my three year old. Now other mothers out there reading this, don't try to kid yourself that you have never been angry towards your kids, we usually just choose not to share it with the world.
I pray every night to have more patience ( this is NOT an exaggeration) I know the Lord will give me all I need if I have faith that he will, I just figure I can't ever have too much patience. I used to be the super patient mommy, It took me a long time to grow exasperated or to be angry quickly, but as you know deployments take their toll on everyone differently.
So as I was reading the bible asking the Lord to guide me through this horribly LONG week, I came across a scripture:
Proverbs 3:17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
Yes, its HUGE, I know. In a way I almost tried to run from it- even though it was YELLING at me. "Pay attention!"
So its finally Friday and I can say today was better. Not as smooth as I would wish but better and hey that's really all I can ask for. To get a little better everyday and before I know it this deployment will be over and Big A will have his daddy back, until then I can enjoy turning on the music and dancing with both my kiddos in the kitchen, spinning in cirlces :) Yes at that moment, I am pleasant and I have peace bursting out of me in every single way, and my kids can have the mom they deserve, who isn't way too stressed out to enjoy some dancing to Fall out Boy :)

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  1. One thing I learned, well was told first when our oldest daughter was going through chemo, and learned quickly was when we pray for patience GOD gives us the challenges to TEACH us patience! I will be praying for you, it's not easy often with a 3 yr old they can be so fun and so trying all in a 10 minute period lol, then add on the military life and all that gives or throws at us, just a few more challenges GOD uses to strengthen us!

    God Bless sister


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