3 weeks

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do you ever feel like you are in a constant state of waiting? Waiting for your husband to come home, waiting for your load of laundry to finish drying, waiting for your opportunity to hop in the shower and only get the chance to shave one leg and hopefully your armpits :) That's where I'm at this moment.. I can NOT WAIT for my husband to be home to be home, to kiss him, make him dinner, spend time with the kids Together as a family. What a novelty right?
It's weird what all we do wait for when we have these amazing things right in front of us. I have a one year old trying to walk and three year old who thinks he is 21 :) He is so funny he gets these ideas in his head and seriously thinks that's the exact way it should be. This is such a weird feeling wanting time to pass as fast as possible but then wanting to soak up every second with my kiddos. I just don't want to miss one moment of them growing up.
I know once this R&R is over my life will be crazy, packing up, moving back to Ft. Hood, getting the kids resettled and new friends and old friends and a new job for my hubby.. whew it just sounds exhausting to me. But it's so worth it. To see these kids with their daddy and to see that man walk through the airport. (I'm dreaming of that this very moment) So here is to those women whose life really is ALL about waiting, I wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. I hope those 3 weeks go by SO fast for you! :)


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