Happy SuperBOWL day :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So my almost one year old (in 12 days) thinks it is the best thing ever to stick her hand in.... THE TOILET! I seriously thought only dogs did this, oh no baby girls do this too, and she is quick and sneaky and totally lets me know while she is doing it. I'll have just gone to throw something in the trash and I can hear the splashing and then I'll run down the hall to see *sigh* the rubbing of the toilet water on her face and other hand. I try to keep the doors closed, but with a 3 year old having to potty every twenty minutes, you know that is such an incredibly hard task, shutting the door.
So far we have had to take 3- count them 3 "I have rubbed toilet water all over myself" baths. WHEN WILL THIS END! Toilets and I are not friends right now. I guess I can just be thankful we don't have outhouses anymore, seriously could you imagine that? UGH I think I may have just gagged a little :) lol
Well onward to pick a bazillion toy cars and put a 3 year old who refuses to sleep, down for nap time. I'm excited can't you tell :)
Happy Superbowl day to me! (In more ways than one)



  1. If it makes you feel any better...I've heard that toilet water is actually pretty sanitary...you know BEFORE things happen in there. ;-)

  2. "I'll be praying for you and your family this week! I'm sorry for your loss."

    Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

  3. my kids went thru the toliet stage. disgusting.
    dash-1 liked to swirl flyboys toothbrush around in it {he stupidly kept it on the counters edge} and then put it back without us knowing... until i walked in on him.

    and we've had underpants and popsicle sticks flushed down.

    and sippy cups tossed in.


  4. i love this ... u know whats amazing is she is so beautiful even with potty water on her face lol ... this is a great first date story ... maybe u need to snap some pics or catch it on film ... lol U TUBE!!!!!

    i love you


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